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"Content is King!" You've heard it before and it's so true. Quality, exciting content is the driver of all successful websites, blogs, and social media efforts.

Social Media

Today the world turns on social and having a good social media outreach program is almost essential for driving traffic to your website.


It's important today more than ever to have a nice, well balanced website to convey the importance of what you do and the products you offer.


Having a quality, up-to-date, fast website hinges on the web server you use. No one likes waiting for something to happen when they click.

Serving the security and life-safety markets since 1986, Allan Colombo offers a unique perspective and writing style to the written word.


Colombo has written for nearly every major print magazine in the security and life-safety markets. He's written for SDM, SSI, SD&I, LS&S, EC, AID, Locksmith Ledger, National Locksmith, Campus Safety, as well as McGraw Hill, Butterworth Heineman, and several major equipment manufacturers--such as Stanley Security, American Dynamics, Honeywell, DMP, HAI, GE Security, and Camden. For a complete listing along with number of years experience with each, click here. 100% guarantee

As an organization, we also offer quality services in other vertical markets, such as retail sales, service companies, political organizations and others in both public and private sectors. TpromoCom offers the most for the least-call us now and let us prove it. Call 330-956-9003, or send us an email!

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Updated: 6/26/15

ISIO Master In Mind
App for Tablet & Laptop
E-Connect App tool for mobile access to Master in Mind study course on lie and deception detection.


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